Tuition & Fees

2021 – 2022 Tuition

Our Parish contributes generously toward supporting our school as part of their mission, which helps offset the out-of-pocket cost for you! As a result, we are able to reduce the tuition rate. As we are a ‘cost based, needs based’ program, scholarship assistance is available, as well as the ACE scholarships for families whose income cannot support full tuition.

We ask that if you are able, to please consider paying the full $6000, or somewhere in between the posted rates and $6000. Your financial support enables us to serve our school community with our wonderful spirit-led mission!


Registration Deposit

$150 per family

Applied towards tuition
50% refundable until May 31, 2021
Non-refundable after June 1, 2021


$350 commitment per family

You may pay this in full by Sept 30, 2021, or use fundraising opportunities through-out the year to cover this cost.

Athletic (5th - 8th)

Please Inquire at the Office

Fees must be paid & physical on file before a student can practice or play. Fees are paid to the Booster Club.

Tuition Rates

We are proud to offer 10% off tuition for Military and Parish members.
May not be combined
1 Child (K-8)



Real Cost to Educate - $6,000
HSCS Tuition - $3,800

2 Child (K-8)



Real Cost to Educate - $12,000
HSCS Tuition - $6,650
($3,325 each child)

3 Child (K-8)



Real Cost to Educate - $18,000
HSCS Tuition - $8,550
($2,850 each child)

4th Child +



Real Cost to Educate - $24,000+
HSCS Tuition - $950+
($950 for each additional child)



5 Days
3 Hours



3 Days
3 Hours



2 Days
2 Hours

Tuition Payment Options

You may pay in full, or by month. There is a monthly service fee if making payments. These payments may be made by check, payroll deduction, check direct, or credit card. A 3% cc fee applies when applicable.