Schedule Tour or Shadow Day

One of the best ways to see deeper learning in action is to visit Holy Spirit Catholic School. These visits are transformative, offering an opportunity to be escorted through the school environment, visit classrooms, see teachers facilitating student learning, and talk to administrators about their role in creating an engaging learning space for all. Our school tours allow you to gain a greater understanding of how we facilitate academic knowledge through the teaching of Christ, build strong bodies, healthy spirits, and encourage a family setting. Come and experience our school today!
Shadow Day is a way for your child to test-drive our school! It is a day when your child becomes our student for the day. They meet their peers, learn from their teachers, have lunch, and much more.

Why a Shadow Day is Important

Fit is huge. A student who is shadowing will know (sometimes almost immediately) whether the school is a good fit for them or not.
Teachers will get to know your child. Shadows give teachers the chance to get to know your student and start building a relationship. The first day of school will feel more supportive and comfortable when the teacher can call your child by name and know a little bit about them.
It gives your child the lay of the land. Where are lockers? Check. Bathrooms? Check. Cafeteria? Check. Where do I go at recess? Check.
It gives your child a seat at the table in the decision-making process. This is important – or at least, it is important to us. We want students who have a voice in the discussion about their school and who can thoughtfully weigh their options.
It is not just a day. It is a small commitment that usually yields decisive results.
Set your rising student up for success by scheduling a few shadow days at your top-choice schools.
We’d love to have you! Contact Jenifer at to schedule your shadow!