About our Program

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is designed as a half day program for 4-year-olds. Students who are 4 years old by September 10 are eligible to enroll. Throughout the year, students are equipped with a solid foundation in their faith which prepares them for daily religion classes and weekly memorization beginning in Kindergarten and they are prepared for full day instruction by the end of the year.
We offer half-day programs at 3-days or 5-days a week. Our 3-day schedule is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday held from 8:00am to 11:00am. We offer two 5-day classes Monday thru Friday from either 8:00am to 11:00am or 12:15pm to 3:15pm. Our class size is limited to 16 students.


This portion of the curriculum helps students learn all the letters of the alphabet by linking animals to letter sounds.

Beginning Math

Emphasis is placed on learning numbers and one to one correspondence. Patterns, sorting, and calendar activities are utilized. Students learn to write numbers 1-10.


Singing is part of each day and is utilized to teach many concepts. Children are involved in several programs throughout the year such as our annual Christmas concert and Spring concert.


Students make a variety of craft projects many of which are linked to letters, numbers, the seasons, and some of the Bible curriculum.


Children learn how to act as a group and learn skills such as listening and visual discrimination. They learn to write their name, how to hold their pencils, and practice cutting with scissors.