Middle School

Our Middle School consists of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. We offer a traditional middle school experience where students switch from classroom to classroom for different subjects. Middle schoolers are challenged with traditional subjects along with art, band/choir, religion, P.E., and health classes. We excel in preparing our students for high school and beyond.


For all grades engages the reluctant reader by centering around reading out loud and listening to audio books. Active reading strategies are encouraged through flashlight reading, student choice, poetry, news articles, with an end goal of fostering a student’s love of reading.


Focuses on Greek and Latin roots and stems in all grades. There are weekly spelling and vocabulary tests. Applying grammar into writing is the focus. Students write every day in class with bellringers to jump start the creative process. Personal narratives, career research papers, and poems are some of the projects middle school students work on in English class.


Is broken down by grade level. 6th Grade studies Ancient history of Greece, Egypt, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Christianity, Medieval Europe, Vikings, Inca & Aztecs, Celts, and China’s Zheng He. 7th Grade focuses on Montana history and 8th Grade learns about U.S. history. All history classes are taught with the use of textbooks, documentaries, artifacts, and field trips.


Religion in middle school is broken down by each grade level using the curriculum Spirit and Truth from the Sophia Institute Press. Sixth Grade focuses on Sacred Scripture, Seventh Grade on Living as a Disciple, and Eighth Grade on the Communion of the Faithful. We also teach Theology of the Body, published by Ruah Wood Press. Each middle schooler also learns to a be steward by completing four hours of selfless service a month and living and putting into practice the Corporal Works of Mercy. Students of all faiths have space to learn and grow spiritually in our middle school.


Math courses in our middle school begin with several diagnostics and identifying any gaps so all students can move forward with a solid foundation. In 6th grade students will be finishing elementary math, 7th grade will be starting pre-algebra, and in 8th grade our students will be working towards mastering Algebra 1. Most 8th grade students after completing our math program can test into Honors Algebra 1 in high school. Students may progress past the math their class to a higher level if they work at an accelerated pace.  


Middle school science classes are broken down into three continuous levels of learning.  Starting in 6th grade students will be focused on Earth Science, moving on in 7th grade to Life Science, and finishing their science curriculum in 8th grade with Physical Science.  Each grade level of learning tests vocabulary and concepts related to those topics.  Our core objective in middle school science is to build the understanding of the scientific method, putting it into practice in everyday life and in our experiments, and writing great lab reports.