Fr dick  I was born and grew up in Lewistown, Montana, and so consider myself a local boy. I’m the third of seven children and know by heart the joys and trials of living the family life. Our family roots reach back to North Dakota and beyond to a rich German heritage. I trace my vocation as a priest to Fr. Ray Nyquist, who was assigned to our parish fresh out of the seminary. His enthusiasm and devotion were a real inspiration to me and planted a seed in my soul that I wanted what he had. Hopefully my ministry will encourage another young man to take a chance and reach his dreams.

I was educated in Catholic schools from 1st grade through seminary, over 20 years!, and have ministered in parishes with Catholic Schools for 32 of my almost 36 years as a priest. Needless to say I am a real supporter of Catholic schools and know firsthand the benefits and advantages these schools have to offer to families who are looking for an environment in which their Catholic, Christian, or values tradition can be reinforced and affirmed. Beyond that obvious reason for our parish schools is the academic excellence provided by our skilled and dedicate faculty and staff. I love to brag about the academic achievements of our students and faculty, and believe me I’m never short on words. As a parish, Holy Spirit treasures our school as one of our primary ministries not just to our families but to the community of Great Falls as well. We believe that there is room and means for every child to attend and achieve at our school.