Holy Spirit Catholic School offers a strong academic environment where basic Christian values as well as Catholic Doctrine are taught daily. Self-respect, respect for others, thankfulness, courage, honesty, perseverance, and diligence are just a few of the virtues that students learn and live.

Students develop good study habits and self-discipline. Personal attention from teachers allows students to try new skills, accept challenges, express themselves, and gain confidence. Personal pride fostered through faith in God provides students with strong concepts of dignity and self-worth. Catholic values are celebrated in religion classes, liturgy and service to the community.

Holy Spirit Catholic School has an excellent reputation for preparing students academically and religiously for the future. The school is blessed with a generous community of family, friends, teachers and staff who unselfishly give their time, talents, and treasures to support and nurture the students of the school.


Grades 2 – 8

A – 100-94
B – 93-87
C – 86-77
D – 76-66
F – below 66

Grades K – 1

O – Outstanding
G – Good
S – Satisfactory
N – Needs greater improvement
I – Improvement shown

Homework is an important part of the school’s academic program and is given for special projects, drill, practice and review. Homework helps students develop study skills and self-discipline and also helps teachers understand and detect problems in the student’s learning process. Parents should encourage their child to set aside a part of the day for homework assignments. Parents should not excuse their child from homework because of an athletic or social event.

Title I services with a remedial education teacher are available for students experiencing academic difficulty in the regular classroom. Consult the classroom teacher for details.

Refer to the parent student handbook for information regarding:
Instrumental music/band
Spelling bee
Optimist oratorical contest
Geography bee

In addition to the school organized service opportunities, Holy Spirit encourages students to participate in church and community services as they are able.