Holy Spirit Catholic School TITANS! 

P1130589      We offer many different athletic opportunities at Holy Spirit.  Each athlete at our school is required to have a current physical, to attend practices as scheduled and to participate to the fullest extent of his/her ability.  Each student must also maintain a C average in all classes to participate.P1140900

The fall sports offered include 5th-8th grade girls’ basketball and 7th/8th grade boys football.  The football program is a combination team made up of students from Holy Spirit, OLL, and Foothills.  The 5th-8th grade boys’ basketball season takes place after football is over; usually mid-October.

P1120012After Christmas break, 6th-8th grade girls can participate in volleyball. In the spring, we offer track which is also a combined sport with Holy Spirit, OLL and Foothills.

Our 5th/6th grade basketball athletes compete in the Parochial League which consists of Holy Spirit, Our Lady of Lourdes, Foothills, Centerville, Belt and Fairfield.  Our 7th and 8th grade athletes compete against East and North middle schools.

Watch the calendar for game dates!